P-UV Inspects with Ultraviolet Fluorescent Reactants

P-UV Inspects with Ultraviolet Fluorescent Reactants When it comes to inspecting minute cracks and flaws in hard-to-reach industrial components, our eyes alone cannot get the job done. Relying on innovative and powerful camera tools augments our remote inspection vision, affording efficiency, optimization, and effectiveness. So why not empower your maintenance and manufacturing quality assurance team(s) with the right tool for the job?

The Yateks P Series UV Model Industrial Videoscope is specifically designed for industrial inspection using ultraviolet fluorescent techniques to reveal minute cracks and flaws in components. Ideal for industrial inspection of castings, machined parts, weld seams, or other components, the P-UV best serves our colleagues in the aerospace, aircraft maintenance/manufacturing, airfoil/turbine blade castings, and automotive manufacturing industries.

The P-UV modular inspection scope is a powerful, portable system. Its CMOS image sensor and process system provide ultra-clarity on an 8‐inch high-resolution touch screen display with adjustable brightness (UV: 1200 µW/cm2 of 365 nm UV intensity at 1” inspection distance). It also includes a joystick rocker that can drive 4-way distal tip articulation over 360° viewing.

Take a look at this demo captured in our office to see how the Yateks P Series UV Videoscope could serve as an incredible tool for inspecting metal castings:

For an even closer look at all of the Yateks P Series UV Videoscope system components, check out this unboxing video:

The Yateks P-Series UV Videoscope is one of many in a new line of world-class industrial borescopes. We’re very proud to be the exclusive North American distributor offering Yateks systems to empower your industrial inspections. Visit our Yateks product page to learn more about the full line and submit a quote request today.

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