Taking Inspection Safety To New Heights

Taking Inspection Safety To New Heights

We designed the iShot® XtendaCam® many years ago and it has only scratched the surface of its application usefulness. If you have a need to inspect or view something in high detail that is out of reach or hard to access, you’ll likely find this intriguing.

We are in an era of not only focusing on engineering new ways to improve the safety and efficiency of tasks, but of also optimizing our tried and true solutions with the latest technology. In visual solutions the innovations are predominantly increased resolution and in some categories reduction in size while increasing functionality. Our latest endeavor involved the overhaul of an existing inspection camera that has already increased the efficiency of snubber inspections. By enabling users to access hard to reach subjects without the risk, cost, or time of setting up scaffolding or ladders, this inspection camera significantly reduces inspection costs and improves safety. The iShot® XtendaCam® HD Zoom is the latest iteration of this device.

Take a look at this great demo video to see how the XtendaCam HD Zoom can bring you in for a closer look:

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Case Study: How the iShot XtendaCam HD Reinvents Snubber Inspections

Snubbers are typically located up in the rafters and can be 30’ above work areas and walkways. The old laborious inspection process involved building scaffolding to get close enough for these visual inspections. This was a time consuming and expensive process and could take up to 4 people an entire shift to build one scaffolding set up. The setup and dismantling process runs about $2,000 for each snubber inspection. That costs add up quickly when you consider that some facilities have hundreds of snubbers requiring inspection in a short time frame. But that was before the XtendaCam®.

With the XtendaCam Pole System, the inspectors keep their feet on solid ground while the telescoping pole reaches 16’. The 10X optical zoom full HD camera with on-board display provides the crystal clear view and extra “reach” that the inspector needs. The iShot® XtendaCam® HD Zoom system allows you to optimize inspection efficiency and increase safety with incredible cost savings. It’s telescoping pole, 10X optical zoom camera head, motorized pan and tilt function and onboard viewing and recording allow you to inspect smarter, not harder.

Below is an info graphic that illustrates actual views from the 10X optical zoom of the XtendaCam HD Zoom:

If you are facing snubber or other out-of-reach detail inspections, consider how the iShot® XtendaCam® affords you to: 

  • Optimize snubber, firewall, intake structure and countless other inspections
  • Quickly inspect an area in only 10-15 minutes without having to put up any scaffolding
  • Easily capture and share inspection jpeg/mpeg documentation
  • Achieve the work of four people with one 
  • Save enormous amounts of time and money
  • Reduce exposure in harsh or hazardous environments

Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help you maximize your budget and redefine your inspections.

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