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The entertainment industry consists of various segments including sports broadcasting, television shows, movies, live events, and amusement parks. Demand for point of view (POV) and other specialty cameras for unique imaging requirements has increased in these areas. InterTest, Inc. provides custom camera solutions including compact zoom cameras, point-of-view cameras, and remote head cameras for these specialized applications.


Aside from the high-end broadcast cameras used by various entertainment industry segments, there is a growing need for small, portable camera solutions to achieve unique shots from numerous positions typically within limited space constraints. Television, film, and live events always require innovation in POV shots, and amusement parks have a need for safety inspections on all attractions.

Broadcast and AV integrators rely on ultra-compact, high-resolution imaging solutions to meet unique entertainment industry requirements. Along with compact 4K and HD zoom cameras used to complement larger broadcast cameras, small POV cameras are also used to achieve distinct shots from unusual angles. Global shutter zoom cameras are utilized for high-speed motion scenarios. Remote head cameras can be positioned within difficult-to-access areas within amusement rides and animatronics for general monitoring. 

Visual solutions for entertainment-based, specialty applications:

Compact, Zoom Cameras

XBlock® Cameras have a full range of 4K and HD zoom cameras with both indoor and IP67 rated outdoor housing including global shutter options for clean image capture of high-speed moving objects.

XBlock® Cameras

Point-of-view (POV) Cameras

iShot® Miniature Cameras are ultra-compact and low light HD POV camera solutions with various interfaces including IP, 3G-SDI, HDMI, and USB options.

iShot® Miniature Cameras
Miniature POV Cameras
XtendaCam HD Camera

XtendaCam HD

iShot® XtendaCam HD is an extendable zoom, pan & tilt camera ideal for inspecting amusement park attractions for safety protocols.

XtendaCam HD

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