InterTest in the General Manufacturing Industry
InterTest in the General Manufacturing Industry

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing is a means of mass-scale production by way of processing raw materials into finished goods. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are required to meet certain safety and quality standards and must inspect their OEM parts to be free of flaws, defects, and other substandard finishes. For over 40 years, InterTest, Inc. has provided remote visual inspection (RVI) solutions to general manufacturing OEMs to meet or exceed customers’ quality expectations.

General Manufacturing

General manufacturing is a global industry relying on labor, machinery, and tools to fabricate, process, and assemble OEM parts. Quality control principles from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) govern global quality management in general manufacturing. ISO principles are critical in reducing or eliminating manufacturing errors and improving the overall quality. 

Assemblers, machinists, technicians, quality engineers, and quality assurance managers all require the proper tools to follow and maintain their organization’s quality management system (QMS). Various non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection tools are essential to locate and document defects within the QMS. Their inspections with these tools are critical in each step of the production process.  

InterTest, Inc. has provided solutions to OEM companies for over 40 years with industry-leading RVI technology to locate and document minor flaws, defects, and imperfections.  RVI products can find and capture images and video for documentation for crucial reporting for any QMS (examples: ISO 9001, IATF 16949 in automotive, AS9100 in aerospace) standards.

RVI solutions for the general manufacturing industry:

Small diameter, articulating video borescopes

As small as 2 mm in diameter, the iShot® VistaScope has 4-way articulation and a range of probe lengths. Finding critical core passages is well within reach with a 360-degree joystick and 160-degree articulation range. Inspect in any area of an OEM facility with Its lightweight, portable design.

iShot® VistaScope

Machine vision cameras

Sony® offers compact camera modules suited for industrial product control, object flow management, electronic component manufacturing, and robotic guidance applications.

Sony® Machine Vision Cameras