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Zibra Milliscope Borescopes

Zibra borescopes are the world’s smallest diameter, longest length, and highest resolution remote visual inspection products. Interchangeable micro-optic tips paired with modular video systems make Zibra borescopes second to none for critical inspections. Zibra borescopes are ideal for high precision parts such as investment castings, fuel manifolds, engines, and many other components used in the aerospace, aviation, power generation, and automotive industries.

Zibra Milliscope Systems

Zibra HD Milliscope products provide inspectors of critical, high-precision components
with modular, versatile scope platforms delivering high-resolution video images via HDMI output.


Milliscope HD attachment


Commonly in stock and a large variety of interchangeable borescope
tips and video borescopes in the following formats:

Milliscope HDF Flexible Borescopes

Attaching to the Milliscope HD system, these flexible borescopes bend around tight elbows and narrow diameters. Comes in diameters as small as 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, different directions-of-view (DOV), field-of-view (FOV), and lengths.

 Zibra Milliscope HDF Flexible System
Zibra Milliscope HDF Semi-Rigid System

Milliscope HDF Semi-Rigid Borescopes

Attaching to the Milliscope HD system, semi-rigid borescopes are suited for straight and narrow openings. Comes in diameters as small as 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, different directions-of-view (DOV), field-of-view (FOV), and lengths.

Milliscope HDV Video Borescopes 

A video borescope option that attaches to the Milliscope HD system, the Milliscope HDV has an unparalleled, miniature CMOS image sensor that provides outstanding picture quality in a small package. Starting at 1.6 mm up to 2.6 mm in outer diameter. Also comes in a “video wand” format for easier inspection methods.

Zibra Milliscope HDV System

Zibra Milliscope II

Milliscope II Borescope System (Legacy) 

The tested and true Milliscope II Borescope System allows for the eyepiece and/or c-mount camera connectivity to all Milliscope II rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible borescope tips.


Custom Zibra Milliscope - for over 30 years years, InterTest, Inc. and Zibra have collaborated on unique borescope constructions to meet specific application needs in the power generation and metal casting industries. Our experienced sales and engineering teams work closely with customers to create custom solutions as needed. Contact us today for a consultation on your unique, small-diameter borescope application.

Custom Zibra Borescopes

Contact us today to find which rigid, semi-rigid or flexible

borescope system will work best for your specific application

in your industry. Custom borescope manufacturing is available

for highly unique applications.

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