iShot® SeeUV® Motorized WebViewer®

  • Simultaneous & Independent UV & White Light Operation
  • Designed For Large Aircraft Engine Spools Drums and Shafts
  • Fits into webs as narrow as .5" with 10" radial reach
  • Fits On Inspection Boom of VIBES® or component on Free Standing Webviewer®
  • Peak UV Output In The 365nm Range
  • Includes 3 optical adapters (0, 60 aft, & 90 aft)
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iShot® SeeUV® Motorized WebViewer®
iShot® SeeUV® Motorized WebViewer®


Motorized WebViewer® attachment to the VIBES® Boom or Free Standing WebViewer® platform. Provides high resolution UV and white light examinations of disc faces, bores, weld zone and radii in drums and spools. Designed to deliver a camera into the tightest areas and view all surfaces, the Motorized WebViewer® provides high resolution, life-like color images of areas that are difficult to access by alternate inspection techniques. 

The positioning system with encoded values of position displayed on-screen ensures that the camera is delivered into the component accurately, and easily. It permits 100% coverage with desired overlap and repeatable positioning for re-inspection. 

Three included optical adapters viewing 0°, 60°aft, and 90°aft assure direct alignment with target surfaces. UV and white light levels are optimized for high contast viewing of flouresent indications. Macro positioning tools permit reach into bores as small at 102 mm diameter; see EM10919, EM10918, EM15612, and EM14110 and reference specifications in download area. 

With the addition of optional 60° forward, and 90°forward optical adapters all web surfaces may be inspected with access from one side of component.