iShot® XBlock® 3G-SDI Interface Board Kit for Sony EV & EH Series HD Block Cameras

  • 3GSDI output for Sony EV & EH Series, and Sentech STC-AF243
  • BNC to MCX cable
  • Depending on camera model, component and SD composite analog video outputs available
  • Camera video standard is coded with switches and a serial link (RS232 or TTL level) allows control of camera and audio setting.
  • RS232 to/from TTL conversion for external control
  • LVDS decoding to 16 bit parallel BT656 video bus (FPGA)
  • Video and audio multiplexing, serialization and SDI signal generation (SDI serializer)
  • 6 to 12V DC camera power supply and 1.2V and 3.3V voltage generation 
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iShot® XBlock® 3G-SDI Interface Board Kit for Sony EV & EH Series HD Block Cameras
iShot® XBlock® 3G-SDI Interface Board Kit for Sony EV & EH Series HD Block Cameras iShot® XBlock® 3G-SDI Interface Board Kit for Sony EV & EH Series HD Block Cameras

The 3GSDI interface board provides connectivity to the Sony EV & EH series, and Sentech STC-AF243 Block Cameras. The board converts SVDS to 3GSDI and allows for communication vis RS232 or TTL (3.3u) to control camera function. 6 to 12V DC camera power supply.

3GSDI output for FCB EV Sony block cameras, FCB-EV7520, FCB-EV7500 and FCB-EV7100

3GSDI output for SENTECH STC-AF243


  • SMPTE-424M 3G HDSDI Digital Interface
  • BNC to MCX cable
  • Automatic SONY camera recognition
  • Analog HD and SD video output.
  • Enhanced HDSDI signal quality : LOW jitter
  • Video format selection by micro switch.
  • Embedded Color bar & pathologic charts &
  • Embedded cross reticule
  • TTL or RS232 VISCA dialog level.
  • 6 to 12 VDC protected and EMC filtered power supply for interface and camera



1.2 Technical Characteristics

1.2.1 LVDS Video Input
  • 4 pairs data LVDS signals and 1 pair clock signal (74,25MHz)
  • Y Cb/Cr 8 bit coding + HVF synchros
  • Video formats : 1080p59,97/50, 1080P29.94/25, 1080i50/60, 720p 50/60, 1080p25/30, 720p25/30 according to camera model
  • KEL USL30 pin connector
1.2.2 Analog audio inputs ( option)
  • Two audio channels : Line or microphone level (RS control)
  • Line input (47k ohm impedance) :
    • 0 dBu analog input level for -18dBFS SDI level
    • gain setting from -97dB to + 30dB
  • Microphone input :
    • DC bias voltage up to 2.3V for electret microphones
    • maximal gain :+63dB
  • Fonctions (RS control) : Constant recording volume - Automatic level control (ALC), 2 channels mixing
  • 24bit, 48kHz analog to digital conversion
  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 20kHz +/- x.xdB
  • Noise: -xxxdB
  • Molex 1.25mm 5 pin connector
1.2.3 HDSDI video output
  • 8 bit SDI signal 800mV pp, 75 ohm impedance compliant to SMPTE 424M and 292M
  • Same video format as camera
  • Rate : HD = 2.970 Gb/s & 1.485Gb/s.
  • Option 2 audio channels embedded on group 1 (SDI)
  • BNC, SMB or MCX 75 ohm connector
1.2.4 Analog video output
  • YPbPr and CVBS according to camera
  • Molex 1.25mm 10 pin connector
1.2.5 Serial control
  • TTL (3V3) or RS232 level
  • Molex 1.25mm 10 pin connector
1.2.6 Miscellaneous
  • 6 to 12V DC power supply, about 5W consumption with camera
  • Board dimensions : 45mm x 48mm, 3 mounting holes diam. 2.5mm



DIGITAL video output 


Analog video output 

Y, Pb , Pr 75 ohms, 1V . 

Video output standard configuration 

Micro switches 

Camera setting 

RS232 , RX , TX , VISCA 




6 to 12 VDC, 6 W ( including camera) 5V for SE 600 


0°C to 60°C 


-20°C to 60°C 


EMC FCC part 15, PCB : UL 


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