AJA V2Digital - YPbPr to SDI Converter

InterTest SKU: EM19405

• Ergonomic lever to securely lock clamping position
• Aluminum
• attachment - 16mm hexagonal + M5 & 1/4" threads attachment type
• clamp range - max. (round tube) 55.0 mm
• clamp range min round tube 13.0 mm
• load capacity max is 15 kg (33.1 lbs)
• weighs 0.41 kg

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AJA V2Digital - YPbPr to SDI Converter

The AJA V2Digital is a high-quality analog to digital video converter that's great for facilities needing to integrate signal types. The V2Digital offers high-quality 10-bit conversion of component or composite analog video to SDI at either SD or HD resolutions, utilizing a full 10-bit data path and 2x oversampling to ensure a quality conversion. The V2Digital accepts YPbPr (SMPTE, EBU-N10), Betacam, or RGB component inputs or NTSC/PAL or Y/C (S-Video) composite inputs with a 4-line Adaptive Comb Filter providing high-quality decoding of composite sources. The comb filter can be switched to 2-line or notch modes for minimum delay requirements. Configuration can be set by on unit DIP switches or remotely via AJA MiniConfig software control over USB.

  • Low cost, high quality 10-bit Universal A/D Conversion
  • YPbPr/RGB Component or Composite input
  • HD/SD-SDI output
  • 4-line Adaptive Comb Filter
  • Full 10-bit Data path, 2x Oversampling
  • YPbPr, Betacam, or RGB Component Formats
  • NTSC or PAL Composite Formats
  • AGC Mode
  • Configurable via USB and AJA MiniConfig software for Mac and PC
  • Color Bar Generator
  • Low power, compact size
  • Uses 5-20VDC power

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