Custom Air Cooled HD-SDI Bullet Camera for Combustion Viewing

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The customer had a need to view a combustion process from four separate angles simultaneously inside their own custom-made viewing fixture. They previously used cameras that were not made specifically for viewing combustion and these burned up in the process. It was crucial to have cameras that not only to withstand the heat and light of the application, but also to be splash proof and have a designated length camera cable.

The cameras needed to be separately mounted in four different 1.5” diameter ports that peered into the 4’ diameter fixture to view the combustion process. With the flames only 3’ feet from the cameras, air cooling was necessary due to ambient temperatures being roughly 250° F. Lens filters were also necessary due to the ambient light produced by the flame. A minimum specification of standard video was requested.



An Intertest sales representative worked with the customer step by step to better understand the application. Over numerous phone calls and a visit to their facility, it was found that currently existing technology could be used to solve the customer’s problem. Intertest’s engineering capabilities were needed to innovate upon that technology to fit the customer’s criteria of high heat and light.


Upon design, it was found that air cooling could be used for a dual purpose: to keep the camera body cool and to use the flow of air to prevent dust and soot to collect on the camera lens. An annulus was designed to vent the air being forced into the camera out towards the front of the camera to help prevent foreign material from building up on the lens.


Upon testing, it was found that the camera surpassed the customer’s specification of temperature and video specifications. The camera was able to withstand temperatures of greater than 250° F. Also, the video specifications were surpassed greatly by using a 1080p/30fps High Definition camera signal.

Camera Integrated for the Job

EM18292 – iShot® Mini HD-SDI Bullet Camera, 1080p/30fps


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