iShot® Micro Modular Camera System


• Full HD 15mm Micro Camera or 17mm
• (1920 x 1080)p with 60 fps
• Desktop or Portable Camera Control Unit (CCU)
• Flexible cabling from camera to CCU ranging from 2 Meters to 15 Meters
• M12 Lens amount

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iShot® Micro Modular Camera System

The iShot® Micro Modular Camera System provides a high-definition image in a compact, configurable package. Ideally, the camera is a standalone product and easily integrated into OEM configurations.

The HD resolution 1/3" CMOS sensor has a 1080p30 and is easily adaptable with various lens types. The ultra-wide 110º FOV lens is perfect for viewing within a long pipe to ensure total coverage of the inspection area.

The remote, split-head camera style allows for long-distance camera placement from the Camera Control Unit (CCU), with cable lengths up to 15 meters.

The CCU is available in different formats, such as a typical desktop configuration or an upgrade to a Full HD 7" portable display with 8-hour battery life. It comes in an IP67 enclosure, waterproof to the entire cable length.

The iShot® Micro Modular Camera System is an ideal HD replacement camera system for the legacy SD Cameras such as the ELMO MN43H, ELMO MP50H, Toshiba IK-M44H, and Toshiba IK-M51H.


 Image Sensor  1/3" CMOS
 Total Pixels  2304(H) x 1536(V)
 Pixel Size  2.2 µm x 2.2 µm
 Sensing Area  5.07 mm(H) x 3.38 mm(V)
 Video Resolution  848x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080
 Still Resolution  2 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP
 Synchronization  Internal
 Sensitivity  0,2 lux
 Responsivity   2.0V/lux-sec
 Scanning Mode  Progressive
 Shutter Type  ESR & GRR
 Shutter Speed  Auto: 1/60 ~1/100,000 Sec
 Frame Rate  Up to 60fps
 Dynamic Range  69.5 db
 Signal to Noise Ratio  39 db
Gain Control  Automatic 
 Dimensions   15 mm OD x 36.5 mm
 Power Input  DC 3.3 V ± 10%
 Power Consumption  < 200 mA
 Operating Temperature  -30°C ~ 70°C
 Lens Type  M12



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