iShot® 15 meter Non Articulating Hand-i Probe - NTSC

InterTest SKU: EM14951

• Industrialized, rugged, anodized aluminum wand camera system
• Withstands environments in which the standard SnakeEye camera head cannot
• Tool less focus
• 3-foot wand with 220-degree articulation control
• LED Illumination
• Waterproof
• 1-inch diameter camera head
• A thumb wheel allows fast, easy, and precise directional control
• Adjustable LED lights
• The wand comes with its own shipping case
• Custom lengths and shapes available! (Sold separately)


The Hand-i Wand kit is an industrialized, rugged version of the standard SnakeEye Kit. The Hand-i Wand replaces the original plastic wand/camera combination with an aluminum wand/camera combination.

A thumb wheel allows fast, easy and precise directional control. The camera head is 1-inch in outer diameter and includes user adjustable LED lights encapsulated in the waterproof head. This allows the Hand-i Wand to withstand punishing environments and applications that the standard SnakeEye system will not.

The camera wand includes a 6 foot cable, works with the SnakeEye III display and includes all of the standard components found in the SnakeEye kit. The kit includes: Hand-i Wand Aluminum Wand/Camera Combination, 6 foot cable, SnakeEye III display (120V version), battery pack (2), battery charger, 120V AC adapter, DC adapter, IP68 kit, SnakeEye carrying case and wand carrying case.



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