iShot® 4 inch Diameter Centering Device for 6mm Orbital Weld Videoscope

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iShot® 4 inch Diameter Centering Device for 6mm Orbital Weld Videoscope

This advanced camera systems sheds light in the dark. The articulating eye of the full color camera head lets you take a close look at pipes, air ducts, chimneys, vents, cracks, welding seams, gaskets and manholes. The super bright wide side screen TFT monitor provides brilliant picture quality.

VIS 350 PLUS includes both a 1 inch and a 1.5 inch outer diameter detachable Pan and Tilt cameras wityh built in trasmitters for ouse wit hte L 200 Locator.

The IP-67 camera head measures 1.5 inches in outer diameter with 180 degree pan and 360 degree tiltable camera head, it gives you an inside view into drainage pipes, air ducts and intermediate ceilings.

The innovative design provides super bright lighting and simple operation, all in one heavy duty carrying case. A crystal clear picture appears on the wide screen TFT monitor so you identify problems before they occur.

The Wohler VIS 350 Advanced Camera System comes standard with a built in RCA video output and a integrated SD card for documentation. The state-of-the-art NiMH battery packs provide 1.5 hours continious operation. The power supply offer simultaneous operation and battery recharging.

About the L 200 Locator

Inspecting pipes under the ground, in ceilings and walls is daily routine for specialist tradesmen and women. And after the inspection, the next task is to locate the position of the damage accurately to be able to offer and carry out the necessary repair or cleaning work with precision. With the Wohler L 200 Locator that is now all just child‘s play. It precisely detects radio signals transmitted by the flexibly positionable camera head.

Skilled tradesmen and women and their customers are able to save considerable time and cost savings by utilizing video inspections to visualize leaks and document damaged or soiled sections of pipework. The Wohler L 200 Locator also locates the radio signals transmitted by the camera head of the Wohler VIS 350 system. Damage is displayed precisely in a clear-cut graphic on the display of the Locator to ensure it is discovered rapidly and marked.

Insights keeping you in the picture This is how the Wohler L 200 makes locating simple: The Locator attaches to a telescopic pole. Guided close to the ground, along walls or below the ceiling, it locates the very long radio waves transmitted by the camera head. Particularly ideal: The user is guided by the bright color display throughout the locating process – cross-hairs are displayed on a horizontal grid system. In addition, an acoustic signal is emitted and made audible via a loudspeaker or headphones. The cross-hairs and the strength of the signal indicate the direction and distance to the located point. Once the

section of pipe to be repaired or cleaned has been found, it can be marked easily. For this purpose, a holder is provided to affix a piece of chalk to the end of the Locator.

  • Transmitter integrated in camera head makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head
  • Facilitates targeted repairs to damaged pipelines
  • Telescopic holder makes it possible to locate damage under floors or in ceilings
  • Chalk holder with lithographic chalk ensures it is possible to mark located damage immediately
Long-lasting LI-ION rechargeable battery

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