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InterTest SKU: EM14157

The Sony XC-ST51CE analog monochrome camera incorporates Sony's NEW high sensitivity 1/2 type IT CCD. With its high sensitivity of 0.2 lux @F1.4, the XC-ST51 camera is ideal for demanding machine vision applications. The Sony XC-ST51CE features 752 x 582 effective pixels, VGA, 560 TV lines, Electronic shutter function - 1/120 to 1/10,000 s and High S/N Ratio - 58 dB. Flexible and simplified trigger.

The Sony XC-ST51 camera features the same compact and lightweight design as the XC-ST camera series making them easy to interchange. The XC-ST51 camera measures 44(W) x 29(H) x 57.5(D) mm and weighs 110g.

Simplified and More Flexible Trigger: The Sony XC-ST51 camera has an improved trigger/shutter that significantly improves and simplifies the trigger operation from previous models; the various versions of Reset-Restart and Donpisha are now replaced with a simplified trigger/shutter that provides much greater functionality and flexibility.

All Controls Outside the Camera: There is no need for the user to open the camera to modify the operating mode of the camera or to determine or confirm switches settings.

Small and light weight power adapter: The DC-700 adaptor features two video outputs and weighs only 1lb., 8 oz.


  • New 1/2 type IT CCD
  • High Sensitivity - 0.2 lux @ F1.4
  • Small and lightweight
  • C-Mount
  • Electronic shutter function - 1/120 to 1/10,000 s
  • Flexible trigger shutter functions
  • Frame/Field exposure
  • Synchronization: internal/external (HD/VD, VS)
  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • All controls on the exterior rear panel
  • High S/N Ratio - 58 dB

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