iShot® SeeUV® VIBES® 15mm Side View Head

SKU: EM12482

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iShot® SeeUV® VIBES® 15mm Side View Head

The iShot® SeeUV® VIBES® Steel Cart is the platform for Webviewer systems, VIBES CIS Coupling Inspection System, and VIBES®-L, VIBES®-DR, VIBES®-L-XR and VIBES®-S systems. The cart was designed to be extremely robust with four 8” rubber wheels and 1.25” x 1.25” welded square tubing for support legs. This prevents subtle system movements during inspection. The operator can easily move the cart to a designated inspection area, and once in place, lock the wheels. With 3 shelves and a spacious drawer, the cart has plenty of storage areas for the systems’ components and cabling.

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