iShot® Sony FCB-EW9500L w/ Twiga USB 3.2 Neo Kit

SKU: EM13038 MFG: FCB-EW9500L

• LVDS to USB3
• 1080p 60fps/Full HD 60fps output image
• Super Image Stabilizer
• Wide Dynamic Range Mode (Wide-D)
• 30x Optical Zoom
• Automatic Exposure/Focus

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iShot® Sony FCB-EW9500L w/ Twiga USB 3.2 Neo Kit

The FCB-EW9500L with Twiga USB 3.2 NEO interface board converts the native LVDS video signal from zoom bock cameras to USB3 standard. It features visualization, processing, and image transfer solutions using the USB3 streaming possibilities. The USB3 is enough to power, control, and stream 4K on most devices equipped with a USB3 port, enabling easy implementation of image capture solutions on most devices (single board computers, NVidia platforms, or PC using Windows or Linux OS). It's ideal for various scenes, including environments with harsh conditions; in particular, the new super image stabilizer has greatly improved blur suppression.

Uncompressed video stream

Twiga USB3 Neo provides an uncompressed UVC compliant video stream Enabling the user to use standard applications (i.e., VLC, Amcap, Windows camera) for image capture, recording & viewing. It also allows the development of custom applications and image processing based on DirectShow, GStreamer, or OpenCV.

Add-on connector for extended functions

A board-to-board connector available on the backside of the USB3 module allows for the plug-in of different boards to get more capabilities (i.e., 4K camera compatibility) to implement functions (i.e., Sync information, strobe pulse, external trigger, accelerometer).

High Resolution   

Using the sharp lens and 4MP sensor achieves accurate image representation and superior resolution. The superior AF/AE/ AWB functions even in low-light conditions.

30x Optical Zoom

There is no image deterioration with the 30x optical zoom and dramatically reduced chromatic aberration in Full HD output. The lens system achieves images with a sharp resolution during 4MP output.

Color image acquisition when ICR ON

Only black and white images are achieved on conventional models while the IR cut filter is off.

The new ICR ON COLOR function allows the camera to capture images with color even with IR cut filter removed, making it practical for color rendering in darker conditions.

  • The accuracy of color reproduction ranges depending on the light source and brightness.

    Super Image Stabilizer

    Enables capturing of stable, exact video with reduced blurring even in harsh environments with significant vibrations. Applies a wide correction area using 4M pixels; this camera series suppresses blurs from vibrations and rotational vibrations compared to conventional models. There are two modes available to select from based on the scale of vibrations.

    • Available during full HD or HD output
    • With the “Super” and “Super+ (plus)”* modes
      • Super

    This feature suppresses strong vibrations with a wider correction area than conventional electronic vibration suppressors.

      • Super+

    Employs a wider correction area than “Super,” “Super+” suppresses intense vibrations that the “Super” feature cannot stop.

      • Potential applications include Shipboard, attachments for ITS surveillance, bridges, drones, vehicles, etc.

    Wide Dynamic Range (Wide-D)

    The Wide Dynamic Range divides an image into several blocks for correcting blocked-up shadows and blown-out highlights by the intensity difference. 

    Spot Focus · Spot AE · Spot AWB

    This feature Enables AF, AE, and AWB only in specified areas within the screen. It also allows for the independent specification of any rectangle of the entire screen divided into 6 x 8.


    Image Sensor

    1/1.8‐type STARVIS CMOS Sensor (4.17M pixels)

    Output Image Size

    1920x1080, 1280x720


    Auto/Manual (0 dB ~ 50.0 dB), 0 ~ 28 steps

    Shutter Speed

    1/1 ~ 1/10000 s, 22 steps

    Sync System


    Back Light Comp


    Exposure Control

    0 dB ~ ± 10.5 dB, 15 steps


    Standard / Straight gamma

    Aperture Control

    16 steps

    White Balance

    Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push WB, Manual WB, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix/Auto/Outdoor Auto),Spot AWB

    AE (Auto Exposure Mode)

    Full Auto, Manual, Priority mode (shutter/iris), EV compensation, Spot AE, Slow AE


    30x Enhanced Optical Zoom / 36x Stable Zoom / 12x Digital Zoom


    f = 6.5 mm (wide) to 162.5 mm (tele), F1.6 ~ 4.8

    Zoom Mode

    Standard Mode / Variable Mode / Direct Mode

    Focusing System

    Auto Focus (Normal AF, Interval AF, Zoom Trigger AF [Sensitivity: normal, low]), Manual (Standard, Variable, Direct), One Push Trigger, Full Scan One Push Trigger, Near Limit, ICR-on Correction, Spot Focus

    Horizontal Viewing Angle


    Minimum Object Distance

    100 mm1200mm

    Video Output

    Digital : Y/Pb/Pr 4:2:2 (LVDS)

    (Y: 8 bit, C: 8 bit, Vsync, Hsync, Field, Clock) (SMPTE274M/SMPTE296M)

    Camera Control Interface

    VISCA protocol (CMOS 5V Level)

    Power Requirements

    7.0 V ~ 12.0 V DC

    Power Consumption

    6.1 W (When motor operates: 7.8W)

    Operating Temperature

    ‐5 °C ~ +60 °C

    Storage Temperature

    ‐20 °C ~ +60 °C

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    56.0 x 64.0 x 125 mm


    Approx. 439 g

    Interface Board

    Digital video output

    USB3.2 Gen 1 – UVC compliant


    USB3 micro B-type


    Camera Commands

    Video Format

    Up to 2160p 29.97

    Video Format Configuraiton

    DIP switches

    Camera Communications

    VISCA protocol via USB CDC or UART TTL

    Power supply

    USB3 cable or external 6 to 12 VDC

    Operation Temp

    - 0°C to 60°C

    Storage temperature range

    -20°C to 60°C


    CE EMC compliant, PCB : UL 94 V0


    48 (H) x 45 (W) x 11 (D)


    USB 3.2 NEO Technical Manual

    Sony 9500 Series Brochure

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