iShot® Weld-i® 1000S Fiber Optic Weld Camera System

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The customer needed to view their automated GTAW process on weld machines they manufacture, but at a distance of 30 Meters. Intertest Inc.’s current Weld-i 1000S Weld Inspection system can clearly view the customer’s GTAW process, but cannot control the camera system’s functionality from far distances. An innovation on current technology was needed. Fiber Optics.

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iShot® Weld-i® 1000S Fiber Optic Weld Camera System

The customer needed a single tool to perform visual inspections and spot mechanical tests of snubbers in a nuclear power plant. Snubbers are safety mechanical devices used to control and monitor movement of structures during abnormal dynamic conditions such as earthquakes and large turbine cycles.

Beyond visual inspection of snubbers to maintain safety, the customer needed to be able to grab hold of these snubbers to perform a spot mechanical test to make sure they were bearing load properly.

The challenge was to come up with an all-in-one pole tool to perform these functions from the ground level thus avoiding constructing scaffolding.


The customer provided Intertest Inc. engineers with data and sample snubbers to design a set of all-encompassing jaws to grab hold of the snubbers in the power plant. Intertest engineers had previously designed standard products, the RT1000 Motorized Retrieval Tool and the iShot® XtendaCam® Inspection System, that had proven capabilities for this type of work. A combination of these systems became a viable option to meet the customer’s specifications of their application.


The customer needed the full design and built product within 1 month window to meet their outage season time frame. Also, weight and jaw design were of importance.


With the provided sample snubbers and data, 2 different sized jaw sets were designed and 3D metal printed. The camera and retrieval tool head was fully extended and tested to be sure the carbon fiber telescoping poles could bear the torque load.

Camera Integrated for the Job

EM14261 iShot® XtendaCam® Zoom Motorized Tilt Pole Inspection System with Recorder

EM14451 RT-1000 Complete Electromechanical Retrieval Tool Kit

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