iShot Weld-i 625 Camera Head with 3.5-meter Cable and 15mm Lens - NTSC

SKU: EM14928

• 2.0-inch Diameter Pan and Tilt Camera
• 360 degree pan, 180 degree tilt
• Waterproof
• Available in 65 feet and 100 feet in length
• 4 Bulbs with Diffuser and Six Switchable Superbright White LED's
• Super Bright 6.5-inch TFT LCD Color Monitor with Recording Capability
• On screen distance display
• Record on large capacity Compact CF Card and download to your PC for documentation
• Glare protection
• System is equipped with shoulder strap making it a fully portable inspection system


Weld-i 625 NTSC Camera Head with 3.5-meter potted cable, factory installed 15mm lens and spatter shield. 

Factory lens cannot be changed by user.

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