iShot® Weld-i® Hi-Temp UDR-C 6-foot Power Cable

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iShot® Weld-i® Hi-Temp UDR-C 6-foot Power Cable

The iShot Weld-i High Temperature UDR-C Color weld video system is specially designed for live viewing and recording in the blinding light of arc welding. With a dynamic-range of over 1,000,000:1, the water cooled camera can capture both arc light and metal. Ultra-Dynamic-Range (UDR) is the key to effective welding images. A welding arc can be a million times brighter than the metal, far exceeding even high-end industrial Cameras.

The UDR-C reaches UDR levels by combining an HDR camera with powerful PC-based digital signal processing. Each multiplies the range of the other resulting in a dynamic-range far greater than either can reach alone. In addition to the live screen video, both video and stills can be digitally recorded for later analysis, email or archiving. The system includes the camera, software, and laptop.

Lens sold separately, select from 15, 24, 36, or 50mm lens. 

Integrated Recording: 

  • AVI video files or full Dynamic-Range original 
  • Play, pause or single-step through frames 
  • Capture still images for documentation 

Frame-Rates up to 30 per second (fps) 

Digital end-to-end: 
120 dB dynamic range (1,000,000:1) 

Digital Image Processing: 

  • Continuous zoom 1x – 10x 
  • Edge Sharpening 
  • Rotate, flip 


  • Designed for temperatures up to 400 degrees 
  • View and record arc welding without specialized filters 
  • View and record the electrode, arc, puddle and joint before and during the weld 
  • Perfect for development and setup of welding processes (TIG, MIG) 
  • See through high glare for inspection or machine vision



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