iShot® XBC-KZ30-A 30X Zoom Block Camera

InterTest SKU: EM13911

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iShot® XBC-KZ30-A 30X Zoom Block Camera

The iShot® Xblock® XBC-KZ30 Block Camera is a multi-output zoom block camera module with a compact footprint, day/night capabilities and powerful processing power. Offering up to FULL HD 1080/60fps digital signal (via LVDS / SDI / AHD) and composite analog signal (via CVBS), this block module is engineered to suit many vision applications from legacy analog to state of the art HD digital.
The XBC-KZ30 Block camera sensor is combined with a state-of-the-art processor with progressive scanning, wide dynamic range, noise reduction and automatic Infrared Cut-Filter operations. Along with a 30x optical motorized zoom lens, this block camera can produce high quality images of the toughest to view applications.