iShot® XBlock® HD Component OEM Integration Kit for HD Sony and Panasonic* Block Cameras

SKU: EM49897

The High Definition Component Interface Board allows remote communication to the camera head using RS-232, 422 or 485 protocols. Comes complete with 24 pin Flex Ribbon and flying lead.

Compatible with the Sony FCB-EH6300, FCB-EH6500, FCB-EH3410, FCB-EV7500/C, FCB-EV-7100, FCB-EV-7300 and FCB-EV-5500 High Definition Block Cameras

Compatible with the Panasonic GP-MH322, GP-MH326 and GP-MH330. *Not compatible with the Panasonic GP-MH310

PLEASE NOTE:   Sony FCB-EV7100 and Sony FCB-EV7500/C will output 1080p60 HD Analog Component.

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