iShot® XBlock® Sony FCB-MA132 Camera and H.264 IP Board Evaluation Kit

SKU: EM19842

• 12 Megapixel Sony MA-132
• Atomas Micro H.264 Encoding Board
• 1080p@30FPS
• Onvif Profile S
• 92 Degree Lens


iShot® XBlock® Sony FCB-MA132 Camera and H.264 IP Board Evaluation Kit

 The iShot® XBlock® Sony FCB-MA132 Camera and IP board evaluation kit includes the FCB-MA130 Camera, terminated "Plug and Play" cables, and the Atomas micro encoder module which is a feature rich IP video encoder designed for wide range of OEM integrations. Features include 16x zoom, 85 degree HFOV Movie and a 94 degree HFOV image still, Image Stabilizer, Face Detection, Wide Dynamic Range (ATR), and Noise Reduction (3DNR), High profile H.264 video compression, Supports input resolutions at up to 12 megapixels and IP video streaming at up to 1080p60.

Supports Still and Moving Images

The FCB Micro Series Cameras supports high-quality images. Each camera achieves 13-megapixel still images and Full HD (1080p/30)-quality moving pictures in a single unit.

Superb Picture Quality

Thanks to Sony’s renowned high-quality Exmor® image sensor and Sony’s original image signal processor, the FCB Micro Series Cameras deliver superb picture quality in both still images and moving pictures.

In addition to these technologies, picture quality is optimized by precise adjustment previously developed by Sony during production of mobile phone camera modules.

Sony’s Original Image Processor

Many useful features are achieved thanks to Sony’s original image processor:

  • Image Stabilization
  • Face Detection
  • Adaptive Tone Reproduction
  • Noise Reduction (3DNR)
  • 16x Digital Zoom

The new FCB-MA132 color block camera builds on the strong reputation established by the FCB-MA130 camera block by providing excellent picture quality – in both still images and moving pictures – and additionally offering several new lens versions which support a variety of horizontal angle-of-view capabilities.

Incorporating a 1/2.45-type Exmor™ CMOS sensor from Sony, the FCB Micro Series Cameras enables users to capture Full HD resolution (1080p/30) movies and still images of up to 13 megapixels. These color block cameras also feature several other innovative functions, including embedded image stabilization and face detection, thanks to Sony’s unique on-board image signal processor.

The unmatched combination of performance and size makes the FCB Micro Series Cameras suitable for a wide variety of applications, including document scanning, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) use, and other security and industrial applications.

Direct Connect to Sony FCB-Micro

The board is the smallest module in the series and is designed for direct connection to Sony's FCB-Micro line of ultra compact CMOS cameras via it's embedded 2 inch rigi-flex cable. This combination allows for significant reduction in the size of finished products and is therefore ideal for a wide range of applications.

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