Lumatec Superlite with UV Liquid Light Guide Inspection Set

InterTest SKU: bundle_sku-2612

• UV illumination for fluorescent penetrant or magnetic particle inspections
• Intensity Adjusts Infinitely With No Change in Color Temperature
• Source Works With Leading Borescopes, Video Cameras, and High-Speed Cameras
• Front Panel Pushbutton Toggles Between White and UV Output
• Liquid Light Guide performs UV Transmission better than Fiber
• 3mm Active Area
• 3.5 meters in length


The Lumatec Superlite Ultraviolet inspection kit with liquid light guide is the perfect choice for performing preliminary fluorescent liquid penetrant or magnetic particle inspections on engine blocks, turbines, drums, or spools.

The SUV DC-E light source pumps 6,500 mW/cm2 of UVA Illumination to the tip of your liquid light guide, making it the most powerful light source you can use for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspections. The 200-watt DC super pressure short arc mercury lamp has a typical lifetime of 1000 - 2000 hours and it has electronic switching from UV to White Light.

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