Milliscope HDX24.700.90

InterTest SKU: EM16773

The clear, anodized aluminum PTZ-350 Camera System can be delivered through openings greater than 3.5-inches in diameter, brightly illuminate target inspection areas, and capture inspections in high resolution SD video. The PTZ-350 is also splashproof.

With the integrated Sony FCB-EX1010 color block camera at its core, the most minute details are captured with the camera's 36x optical zoom and Illumination control features. 360-degree pan and 120-degree tilt movements have adjustable speed and are operated by the camera control unit. Features such as Wide Dynamic Range, Infrared, and Backlight Compensation are accessible via the camera's on-screen menu.

Variable intensity lighting is provided by the camera head's LED ring, spot lamp (12-degree), and flood lamp (30-degree). The LED ring provides a soft even touch of Illumination on the target inspection area and is supplemented perfectly by the spot light which is in sync with all camera head movement, providing concentrated light up to 50-feet. Also, the flood lamp fills vast areas with wide spread Illumination, ensuring light touches everything that is needed to be seen.

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