Milliscope II Detachable Semi-Rigid Borescopes

SKU: Milliscope II Semi-Rigid


Milliscope II Detachable Semi-Rigid Borescopes

The MilliScope II Detachable Semi-Rigid Borescope Front Ends measure 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, or 2 mm in outer diameter. Lengths vary from 61 mm, 80 mm, 105 mm, 150 mm, 170 mm, 300 mm, or 400 mm in length. Utilizing a fiber-based lens design, our small diameter semi-rigid borescopes are capable of delivering crisp, bright images to an eyepiece or CCD camera. The front end locks into the MilliScope II body or video camera system (not included) allowing continuous rotation of the needle.

The detachable-tip design of the MilliScope II scope system accepts any of the available semi-rigid tips. The detachable-tip design permits quick, easy swapping of front ends to address different applications. It is also ideal for harsh working conditions where instant replacement of damaged tips eliminates downtime.

The MilliScope II semi-rigid borescope tips require a C-mount eyepiece, the milliscope II body with an integral focus ring, and a 1.5-meter light guide with a universal adapter.

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