MultiScope Detachable Rigid Borescopes

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MultiScope Detachable Rigid Borescopes

The detachable rigid borescopes of the MultiScope line offer a selection of rotatable front ends, all designed for optimum image clarity and illumination. The front-end design of MultiScope lets you perform practically any inspection using just one instrument. Simply click on a suitable borescope rigid front end and you are ready to inspect in seconds.

The Multiscope is a C-mount camera adapter with built-in light fiber. Multiscope probes can be rotated 360 deg without interference. The platform supports probe sizes from 1 to 9mm in diameter. Rigid probes run the range of micro GRIN types to 4mm and 6mm achromat types. All probes have optics built in so that the magnification is constant throughout the entire range.

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