SeeUV® MZ-5™ HD-UV Inspection System for Gun Tube & Large Bore

SKU: EM14809

• High Definition Dual Camera View
• UV & White Light
• Linear, angle, & radius measurement capability
• Designed for MPI & FPI Inspection of Gun Tubes


SeeUV® MZ-5™ HD-UV Inspection System for Gun Tube & Large Bore

The SeeUV® MZ-5™  supports visual examinations of bore ID during the Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) process.  It provides visible and ultraviolet (UV) illumination while viewing the surfaces with High Definition video and the capability to capture 13-megapixel photos. The SeeUV® MZ-5™ builds on the successful SeeUV® MZ-4™ HD by utilizing higher performance sensors matched to display and capture hardware.

Gun Tube Application:

The System supports the visual examination of 105 mm, 120 mm, and 155 mm up to 8” gun tube bores on the (MT) bench during the inspection.  Gun tubes are rotated in place on the inspection bench.  Tube lengths up to 40’ may be inspected. The head contains two cameras that can be switched between wide field HD forward viewing and Side Viewing as well.  Both cameras operate in HD video or 13 Megapixel still capture modes.



 Camera Specifications
 Image Sensor    1/2.45"-type Exmor CMOS
 Video Resolution  1600 x 1200 (UXGA) (Forward) 1980 x 1020 (Side)
 Still Image  up to 13 Megapixel (4192 x 3104)
 Forward View (FOV)  127º x 95º (H x V)
 Side View (FOV)   53º X 29º (H x V )
 Mechanical Specifications
 Diameter   2.25" 
 Length  Base 28' (5' Sectional Poles) , 43' max length
 Centering Fixtures  105 mm, 120 mm, 155 mm 
 Pole Markings  1" increments with 6" call outs
 Illumination System
Forward LEDS  UV, 365nm (4), Visible (4)
Side View LEDS  UV, 365nm (4), Visible (4)
Intensity Control   Fore & Aft for UV & Visible
 System Features


*Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice





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