SeeUV® MZ4® Gun Tube and Bore Inspection System

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SeeUV® MZ4® Gun Tube and Bore Inspection System

The SeeUV® MZ4® Gun Tube Inspection System visually reveals the general condition of various-sized gun tubes with two high-resolution CCD cameras. Centering devices position the camera equidistant from the side walls--allowing for a centered down-bore view of the inspection area via the fixed focus 115-degree FOV camera. The second camera is positioned to view the side wall and may have its focus adjusted remotely. The camera head attaches to a 3-foot 4-inch telescoping push pole which extends to a maximum length of 17 feet and has measurement graduations for the precision location of bore defects. A 25-foot camera cable connects the telescoping pole to the camera control unit, where the operator may adjust focus, illumination, and record video to compact flash cards. The entire inspection system is kept safe during storage and transit within a rugged, waterproof case.

The SeeUV® MZ4® Gun Tube Inspection Kit Includes a Dual View Camera Head, Camera Control Unit, Right Angle Adapter, 60mm, 80mm, 105mm, 120mm, and 155 mm Centering Devices (Custom centering rings available upon request), 4GB CF Card, Armored Camera Cable, 17-foot Telescoping Push Pole, Rugged Waterproof Carrying Case, S-Video Cable, Set of spare lamps, set of 2 fuses, and lamp extraction tool.


Tank Gun Tube, Mortar Tube, Ship Gun Tube, Bore, Shaft, and Pipe Inspections.


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