Shipping Case for iShot® Rugged Variable Focus Wand with Integral Cable

InterTest SKU: EM16694

The SIlk® Pro V sturdy, compact, and light weight mini tripod comes supplied with a 2-way pan and tilt head with a pan handle to make moving a camera mounted on the tripod easier.

As a compact traveler tripod, the Slik® Mini Pro V is less than 8 inches long when packed up and weighs less than a pound. Like the other tripods in the Mini Pro line, this model has a suction cup at the base of the center column which will allow the tripod to be "stuck" onto a window or smooth metal surface for picture taking*.

The Mini Pro V can also be used as a chest-pod by raising the center column half way or more and placing the legs against your chest to stabilize the camera.


*Note: Suction cup placed on an angle will not support a camera weighing more than 1 lb.


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