Sony FCB-EX1010 36x Wide D Version Block Camera, NTSC - Used

SKU: EM14254B


The Sony FCB-EX1010 color block camera incorporates ¼ type ExView HAD CCD along with exceptional picture quality and high zoom capabilities (432x w/optical zoom). In addition, the new Sony FCB-EX1010 is the first in this exceptional camera series to feature a 36x zoom lens with Wide-D, as well as horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines, improved motion detection, spherical privacy zone masking with mosaic effect, and enhanced multi lines (more than two) for the title. The Sony FCB-EX1010 also features a slow AE Response Function that automatically slows the rate at which the exposure level changes. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when the Full Auto mode or Priority mode is selected.

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