USED GEAR - Sony XC-505P 1/3-inch CCD Color Video Camera Kit for Borescopes - PAL $500.00

SKU: EM15988B

• Sony XC-505P
• PAL Single Head Design Does Not Require Camera Control Unit
• 1/3-inch CCD Sensor
• Light weight and easy to use
• C-Mount Adapter Included
• 2-meter Power/Video Cable for Sony Camera
• composite (BNC) cable


The high-resolution Sony XC505P CCD PAL color video camera kit delivers an incredible image in a small package. Lightweight and easy to use, this camera can attach to virtually any lens or borescope/fiberscope. Included in this kit is the 1/3-inch Sony XC505P camera, combination 2m power/video cable with wall adapter, and composite (BNC) cable output and NF to C-mount adapter required for most applications.

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