Wohler Coarse Filters 5 pcs for A 450/550 - 9632

SKU: EM17233

• Sentech STC-AF56B
• 250 mm Close-up Lens Built On
• For low vision processing magnifier reading systems and industrial applications
• Standard resolution CCD (510 x 494)
• Multiple outputs including composite, Y/C, VGA RGB
• 22x Optical Range
• 1/6" Interline Color CCD: ICX296AKA
• 2:1 Interlace
• 60Hz Frequency
• 58.2 (W) x 52.7 (H) x 87.1 (D) mm

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Wohler Coarse Filters 5 pcs for A 450/550 - 9632

The STC-AF56B auto focus block camera has all of the same low vision magnifier reading system features and on-camera processing as the STC-AF66 camera. The STC-AF56B has a standard resolution (510 x 494) CCD. This camera also has an optional dual element close up lens, which allows the camera to auto focus through the entire zoom range at a target only 25 cm away. Composite; Y/C; RBG.


Shipping Weight: 1 lb

Shipping Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 5"

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