Wohler VIS 230 Battery Driven Pipe Inspection Kit

SKU: EM42629

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Wohler VIS 230 Battery Driven Pipe Inspection Kit

The Wohler VIS 2000 Pro Pipe Inspection Kits provide a 2-inch pan and tilt camera or a 1-inch color camera with a color monitor that captures images and small videos directly onto an integrated CompactFlash memory card. The images can then be easily downloaded onto a laptop or PC via the included USB 2.0 card reader. The camera head is on a rigid push rod reel and has a built in distance traveled feature that displays the present camera position on the monitor. Comes with VIS 2000 PRO color TFT monitor with protection bag and shoulder belt, CF card 128 MB and card reader USB, color camera head, camera viper with integrated meter counter and stand, 65 or 100-foot rod, camera roller guide with protection cage, stabilization sleeve with star holder, power supply, and aluminium case.

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