Yateks R Series Infrared Borescope System

SKU: EM13071

• 960 nm infrared and visible light emission
• 5 mm diameter
• Rugged, IP67 tungsten, polyurethane, and stainless steel insertion tube construction
• Ideal for covert operations, special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units, or remote vision inspection

Length: 1 m (3.280')
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Yateks R Series Infrared Borescope System

The Yateks R Series Infrared Borescope System is a flexible video borescope system with 360-degree mechanical articulation that excels in low-light environments. The probe tip emits a 940 nm invisible infrared light that can detect objects up to 20 meters away in dark environments. This feature makes the Yateks R Series ideal for surveillance, special weapons and tactics units, and other security applications.

The R Series can also illuminate target areas with over 60K lux of visible light, making this product more capable of handling remote visual inspections for aircraft and electronic components. It is light-weight at only 910 g total, and the insertion tube consists of layered tungsten, polyurethane, and stainless steel protective sheathings making the scope tip IP67 rated.

At only 5 mm in diameter (less than .200"), the R Series head comes in 1, 1.5, and 2-meter lengths, a brilliant 3.5" LCD, and capabilities to record video/images on an included 32 GB SD card. 


Portable Dual-Light Borescope

Product size

338 x 115 x 155 mm

Product weight


Display screen

Highlight 3.5-inch active matrix color LCD

Joystick control

Mechanical joystick rotates 360°


Take photos, record video, brightness adjustment, menu,

photo zoom in/out, freeze, flip


Integrated 3.5mm head microphone




Data I/O port

SD card port, microphone port, TV-OUT video signal port, DC charging, Micro USB port



18650 Li-ion battery, 3 pieces (replaceable)

Standby time



Operation method

Hand-held, portable
Brightness adjustment 6 levels brightness



Probe diameter

5 ± 0.1mm

Working length

1~3 meter

Insertion tube material

Tungsten-braided insertion tube (Explosion-proof grade)

Probe articulation

360° mechanical control

Bending angle

Length≤1m, bending angle 180±10°

2m≥length>1m, bending angle 170±10°

3m≥length>2m, bending angle 120±10°

Effective pixels

450,000 pixels

Depth of Field (mm)


Angle of view


Night vision distance

IR light: Detect up to 20-meter distance in dark environments

White light: Detect up to 15-meter distance in dark environments



Operating system

Multi-task operating system

User interface

Pull-down operating menu

File management

Support photo/video play, delete, and format

Image control

Flip, zoom in/out, freeze

Photo format

JPEG/JPG(record date and time)

Video format

AVI(record date and time)



Mainbody system working temperature 


Probe working temperature


Relative humidity

Highest 90%, no condensation


Probe IP67/ Host IP65


Product Specification Sheet

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