Zibra Milliscope HDV Video-Wand

SKU: EM59893

• Utilizes Milliscope HDV platform
• 120 Degree DFOV
• Video-based wand instrument
• All wands are custom built
• All custom-built wands, determine the diameter and length required
• Select direct viewing or side-viewing instrument capability


Zibra Milliscope HDV Video-Wand

The Zibra Milliscope HDV is a small diameter, high-resolution videoscope product that interfaces with our Milliscope HD base unit and allows RVI users to gain unparalleled visualization into restricted areas. A miniature 160,000-pixel CMOS image sensor combined with Zibra Corp’s high-performance optics provides outstanding picture quality in sizes as small as 2.1 mm outside diameter and in scope shaft lengths up to 5 meters. All Milliscope HDV probes are rugged and designed to withstand the harshest inspection environments. Custom Milliscope HDV videoscopes are designed to meet your inspection requirements like the product depicted here.

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