Zibra Milliscope HDV System

  • On-board image recording
  • 1080p digital video output via HDMI
  • Base Unit accepts Fiberscope Camera Handle & all HDV videoscopes
  • Small diameter scope shaft sizes (standard flex and articulating)
  • Modular platform design allows for multiple scope configurations
  • Image and video capture on removable drive
  • On-screen display includes saved image gallery
  • Both forward and side view models available
  • Custom solutions available (please contact us to discuss your needs)
  • Proudly built and serviced in the USA

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Zibra Milliscope HDV System
Zibra Milliscope HDV System
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Zibra Milliscope HDV System
Zibra Milliscope HDV System

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    Zibra Milliscope HDV brings small diameter borescope images to HDMI monitors in 1080p HD video. Its user-friendly operation features a detachable tip allowing rigid, semi-rigid, flexible, shaped and hybrid wands to suit almost any requirement. Quality, high resolution imaging in a modular - easy to setup and easy to control borescope. This versatile scope platform combines HD video with a simple design integrating scope image viewing; recording; as well as size, image, and LED controls into a single base unit with no computer interface required. The simple and user friendly operation makes use of the detachable tip design of the Zibra Milliscope HD borescope. On-board image recording gives the inspector the ability to capture video and images on to removable memory drives. Included are USB inputs for keyboards for text generation, outputs for HDMI video, and a simple push-button menu interface.

    Milliscope HD Zoom Handle

    • Integrated CCD Camera
    • Push-button image/video capture
    • Integrated LED illuminator with attenuation
    • Scope proximal focus adjustment
    • 3x optical zoom for image size adjustment
    • Proprietary MSHD camera handle connection
    • Tripod Mount (1/4 - 20 thread)

    Milliscope HD Base Unit

    • 1080p digital video via HDMI
    • Image/video capture storage on removable drive
    • On-screen display: user populated text fields, saved image gallery and display interface
    • USB input for external keyboard
    • External power supply for US/INTL use
    • Proprietary camera handle and videoscope connection
    • USB inputs and HDMI video outputs
    • High resolution CMOS video imaging
    • Push-button menu interface
    • Uses easily removable & interchangeable Milliscope HDV videoscopes
    • Scope Diameters: 2.1mm, 2.6 mm & 3.1mm∅
    • Scope Shaft Lengths: 1,000 mm – 5,000 mm
    • View Directions: 0° & 90° (product specific)
    • FOV / DOF: 90° D-FOV / 3-50 mm depth of focus (custom optics available)
    • User selectable auto & manual camera exposure modes
    • Push button image rotation (90° increments / clockwise)
    • Integrated, adjustable LED scope illumination system
    • Integrated push button image & video recording to USB storage drive
    • On screen text display for all LED and camera gain settings

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