Zibra Milliscope HDV Videoprobe System

  • On-board image recording
  • 1080p digital video output via HDMI
  • Base Unit accepts Fiberscope Camera Handle & all HDV videoscopes
  • Small diameter scope shaft sizes (standard flex and articulating)
  • Modular platform design allows for multiple scope configurations
  • Image and video capture on removable drive
  • On-screen display includes saved image gallery
  • Both forward and side view models available
  • Custom solutions available (please contact us to discuss your needs)
  • Proudly built and serviced in the USA

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Zibra Milliscope HDV Videoprobe System
Zibra Milliscope HDV Videoprobe System
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Zibra Milliscope HDV Videoprobe System
Zibra Milliscope HDV Videoprobe System

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    The Zibra Milliscope HDV is a small diameter, high resolution videoscope product that interfaces with our Milliscope HD base unit and allows RVI users to gain unparalleled visualization into restricted areas. A miniature 160,000-pixel CMOS image sensor combined with Zibra Corp’s high-performance optics provide outstanding picture quality in sizes as small as 2.1 mm outside diameter and in scope shaft lengths up to 5 meters. All Milliscope HDV probes are rugged and designed to withstand the harshest inspection environments.

    Milliscope HD Base Unit

    • 1080p digital video via HDMI
    • Image/video capture storage on removable drive
    • On-screen display: user populated text fields, saved image gallery and display interface
    • USB input for external keyboard
    • External power supply for US/INTL use
    • Proprietary camera handle and videoscope connection
    • USB inputs and HDMI video outputs
    • High resolution CMOS video imaging
    • Push-button menu interface
    • Uses easily removable & interchangeable Milliscope HDV videoscopes
    • Scope Diameters: 2.1mm, 2.6 mm & 3.1mm∅
    • Scope Shaft Lengths: 1,000 mm – 5,000 mm
    • View Directions: 0° & 90° (product specific)
    • FOV / DOF: 90° D-FOV / 3-50 mm depth of focus (custom optics available)
    • User selectable auto & manual camera exposure modes
    • Push button image rotation (90° increments / clockwise)
    • Integrated, adjustable LED scope illumination system
    • Integrated push button image & video recording to USB storage drive

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