Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope System 6.0 mm OD

Yateks USA Vendor Logo SKU: EM10033 MFG: YA610FM-WF-JM

• Advanced 3D Measurement Software
• 6.0 mm Outer Diameter
• Direct or Side View (0° or 90° direction of view)
• 4-way Articulation
• Direct View: White Fiber Illumination (100,000 lux)
• Side View: White LED Illumination (60,000 lux)
• 8-150mm Depth of Focus
• HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

Length: 1.0 m (3.28')
Kit: Full System
Direction of View: Direct View (0° DOV)



Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope System

The Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope System is an industrial video borescope system with advanced 3D measuring and mapping software features. Along with a 7" high-definition (1920 x 1080 pixel) IPS monitor, 4-way probe articulation, large-capacity lithium-ion battery, and replaceable insertion tubes, the Yateks Realta Video Borescope makes a complete inspection and analytical tool for a variety of industries, including aerospace, power generation, and general manufacturing quality assurance.

3D Measurement & Mapping Software

Speed up the inspection process with the Yateks Realta Video Borescope's 3D stereo measurement software. The embedded technology generates a 3D surface map with cursor points across the inspected part or surface image. Operators can then quickly make measurements of length, perpendicular distance, depth, multiple line segments, and area.

7" HD IPS Monitor with Multi-Display Function

The Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope boasts a high-definition IPS monitor, allowing users to see 3D measurements/mapping and live images with ultra-high clarity. The monitor comes complete with touchscreen capability for intuitive software operation and quick measurements at your fingertips. The menu screen and features are intuitive as expected from any Yateks video borescope product.

Users can simultaneously broadcast the monitor image on smartphones or TVs via wireless signal or wired mini HDMI for multi-viewing and sharing.

4-way Articulation Joystick Controls

The Realta 3D has outstanding 4-way mechanical articulation of the probe tip. This allows the probe to look back on itself with up to 220° of one-way bending. Additionally, the articulation mechanism provides 360° of mechanical steering and automatic locking for precise probe positioning.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

The removable and rechargeable lithium battery pack provides up to 4 hours of continuous runtime. 

Durable & Replaceable Video Probes

The Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope uses a 4-layer insertion tube from durable tungsten alloy and braided steel wire. The probe is waterproof, and IP67-rated, for the harshest and most rugged inspection conditions. Probes come in either a direct or side view configuration (0° or 90° direction of view).

The insertion probe is modular and can be replaced if damage occurs. Keeping multiple insertion probes on hand in the rare case of damage keeps inspection operations running smoothly.

InterTest, Inc. conducts all service and repairs for Yateks video borescopes on site. Submit a ticket on the Yateks USA Service & Repair Center page. 



Dimensions / Weight

410 x 230 x 143 mm / < 3 kg

Display Screen

7″ IPS industrial HD touch LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio)

Control Lever

Mechanical rocker, 360-degree rotation, articulation lock, automatic set, adjustable direction fine-tuning

Main Functions

Photo, video, light source brightness adjustment, screen brightness adjustment, zoom in/out, screen flip, color inversion, screen freeze, color mode adjustment, aspect ratio toggle, grid measurement, automatic white balance, image browsing, lock fine-tuning, menu

Memory Storage

128 GB internal hard drive, 64 GB USB flash drives (can use up to 256 GB) 

I/O port

2 x USB 2.0 A ports, RJ45 ethernet port, USB-C port, and audio out port

Video Output Mini HDMI interface, WiFi


Removable independently rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack


Operating System

Multitask intelligent OS, menu-driven, key operation, touchscreen UI

File Management Image/video playback, deletion, post formatting and renaming, text annotation
Languages English, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese
Image Control Zoom and playback
Digital Zoom Continuous (10 steps)
Picture/Video Format
JPG, PNG / AVI, MP4 (with date/time stamp)
Color Settings
Near, medium, far, custom color modes
White Balance Auto and manual white balance


Interchangeable with all P series probe sizes, lengths, and styles except for 3D measurement

3D Measurement

Point to point, point to line, point to area, area/line, measurement margin of error <5%

Insertion Probe


4.0 and 6.0 mm


1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 m

Direct View: White Fiber Illumination (100,000 lux)

Side View: White LED Illumination (60,000 lux)


Steel braided wire, tungsten alloy 4-layer tube

Monitor Working Temperature


Probe Working Temperature


Relative Humidity

Highest 90%, no condensation

IP Rating

Monitor IP54 / Probe IP67


Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Video Borescope Brochure

Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Video Operation Manual

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