iShot® QN-HD 7 mm Industrial Color HD Camera


• Miniature 7 mm outer diameter
• 1080/60p HD picture, 1960 x 1080 (2 megapixel)
• USB-C power supply, DVI & VGA output
• Integrated LED Available
• Continuous operation in radiated environments up to 10K RAD/hour dose rate

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iShot® QN-HD 7 mm Industrial Color HD Camera

The iShot QN-HD 7 mm HD micro camera replaces the Elmo QN 42H and its 7 mm Toshiba IK-SM43H equivalent.  It is compatible with existing ELMO and Toshiba 7 mm diameter lenses as well as newly designed units. QN-HD is a 1080/60p micro high definition 7mm diameter color camera utilizing a 1/6" (1920 X 1080, 2 MP) CMOS sensor.  

High-speed digital/serial communication between the camera head and the camera control unit (CCU) provides responsive performance. Signal and power are each sent over separate twisted wire pairs, greatly simplifying cable construction.  This transport design supports 15 m configurations, allowing the remote camera head to be located in hard-to-reach areas.

Used as either a standalone camera or part of an integrated system, the QN-HD is a proven performer in challenging environments.   For example, the QN-HD has been used in Radiation Environments for continuous operation 10K RAD/hour dose rate. It also is proven to operate after a +70K cumulative RAD dose.

The CCU has added features, including still image capture and an onboard constant current LED power supply.  The camera head and lenses are mechanically identical to the ELMO QN series. 



Signal System DVI, USB 2.0
Video Formats 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p60, 480p120
Format 16:09
Sensor 1/6" CMOS 2 Megapixel
Exposure Auto, Manual
Shutter Values Automatic, over 20 selectable values 
Image Controls White Balance, Sharpness, Gamma, Saturation, Contrast, Hue
E-PTZ Available in Downscaled Modes
Presets 4 Available
Color Temp Options 2800K, 4500K, 6500K
Cable Material PFA (High Temperature) or PVC
Cable Lengths 2 m, 3.5 m, 5 m, 10 m, and 15 m
Storage Removable Micro SD
Power 5v DC , 800ma, 1a under LED operation



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