Bomb disposal robots remote visual inspection applications- InterTest
Bomb Disposal Robots Remote Visual Inspection Application- InterTest

Bomb Disposal Robots

EOD Robots (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) are used by military and law enforcement services worldwide. They fall into the broader category of UGV (unmanned ground robot). There are generally three classes of robot and their camera sensors, end effectors and capabilities vary broadly.

Bomb Disposal Robots

The three categories of EOD robot are backpack sized, man transportable (moveable by two men) and Heavy, which are robots that cannot be easily moved or carried by humans.  These robots generally carry both Visible and Thermal spectrum cameras.  There are generally a few navigation cameras that assist the operator in driving them as well as a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera which usually has an optical zoom and can be panned and tilt.  Some robots will also have a camera embedded in the gripper which is the equivalent of the “hand” of the robot.

 Intertest inc. provides both component level Interface Boards, as well as fully assembled cameras.  These robotic platforms over the past decade have migrated to 1080P H.264 Streaming cameras, often the boards will come equipped with the ability to stream both a Visible Spectrum Sony FCB Zoom Block Camera, as well as a thermal imager such as the FLIR Boson or DRS Tenum.  Communication protocols supported on these boards include RS-232, RS-485, 12C, Can-Bus and Jaus (Joint Architecture of Unmanned Systems). They allow for IOP (Interoperability) to be achieved which the armed forces have been pushing for two decades.

 Intertest Inc can also provide testing services to ensure that the components meet the standards required by the Robotic Manufacturer.  Intertest provides design, OEM assembly, and consultation services to help find the specific sensor and interfaces that meet the design requirements.

Bomb Disposal Robots Application

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
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Bomb Disposal Robots

InterTest has helped provide component and OEM services for a dozen robot manufacturers around the world, and are considered an authority in this unique and growing industry. If you have a need for Zoom Block Cameras, IP Encoders, Miniature drive or grip cameras, contact us today.

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