Rugged Tilt and Zoom Camera For UGCV Robot Accessories Developer

InterTest SKU: custom_04


The customer requested a custom engineered camera head developed to present to a notable unmanned ground vehicle company. The customer requested the camera head to attach as an accessory to the available ports on the robot, high end camera functionality and the ability to hold the product in the robots gripper. The camera needed to be high quality, LED illumination and zoom capability in a rugged, waterproof housing and connector. It was also requested the camera have the ability to tilt on a vertical access. The intended purpose of the tilt and zoom camera attachment was for the end user to use this accessory to look inside or underneath suspicious vehicles. The camera needed to be controlled through the robot company’s proprietary command and viewing controller. Lastly, the camera unit needed to fit into a certain price point to be a viable accessory for the robot.


Sony FCB-IX11A Solution: InterTest engineers selected the compact Sony FCB-IX-11A camera for this project, due to the size and multitude of camera functions it offers. We integrated the camera into a suitable package and tested in various conditions and environments. InterTest also integrated the tilting camera head mechanism used on our XtendaCam product, giving the customer the ability to manipulate the direction of the camera head.

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