Sony FCB Block Legacy

As a Sony Authorized System Integrator, InterTest has years of experience with FCB Block Cameras. Sony FCB Block Legacy Cameras are optimal for long-range zoom lenses and a high-resolution image sensor. These zoom block cameras are the right fit for any application. We are confident in our selection of Sony cameras to meet your needs.

Depending on availability, popular NTSC/PAL modules such as the FCB-IX11A and analog HD models such as the FCB-H11 may be offered as B-Stock or Used Equipment.

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The Newest in the Legacy Lineup

Sony recently discontinued the following FCB Block camera models. Request a quote today to see availability and pricing.

Sony FCB Block Legacy

5 products

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Sony FCB-ER8550 20x 4K CMOS w/ Genlock - InterTest
Sony FCB-ER8530 20x 4K CMOS Block Camera - InterTest
Sony FCB-ES8230 12x 4K Block Camera - InterTest,
Sony FCB-EV7520A 30x Block Camera Legacy- InterTest
Sony FCB-EV7100 10x Block Camera Legacy - InterTest

Sony FCB Block Legacy Cameras

InterTest EM #

Sony FCB Model #

EM19466 FCB-ER8300
EM16383 FCB-EH3150
EM15937 FCB-EH6300
EM17787 FCB-EH6500
EM18617 FCB-EV5300
EM18461 FCB-EV5500
EM18462 FCB-EV7100
EM18823 FCB-EV7300
EM18616 FCB-EV7310
EM19326 FCB-EV7320
EM18358 FCB-EV7500 / C
EM19327 FCB-EV7520
EM13855 FCB-EV7520A
EM13447 FCB-IX11A
EM13448 FCB-IX11AP
EM14557 FCB-EX11D
EM14625 FCB-EX11DP
EM16149 FCB-EX15E
EM12559 FCB-EX15EP
EM14626 FCB-EX20D
EM14627 FCB-EX20DP
EM18638 FCB-EX2200
EM18639 FCB-EX2200P
EM18636 FCB-EX2400
EM18637 FCB-EX2400P
EM18634 FCB-EX2700
EM18635 FCB-EX2700P
EM15576 FCB-EX1020
EM15578 FCB-EX1020P
EM14254 FCB-EX1010
EM14622 FCB-EX1010P
EM15580 FCB-EX995E
EM15582 FCB-EX995EP
EM15584 FCB-EX985E
EM15586 FCB-EX985EP
EM15588 FCB-EX490E
EM15590 FCB-EX490EP
EM15775 FCB-EX48E
EM15594 FCB-EX48EP
EM13445 FCB-EX980S
EM13454 FCB-EX980SP
EM41245 FCB-IX45C
EM41246 FCB-IX45CP