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InterTest is your premier source for remote visual-inspection tools (RVI), and non-destructive testing equipment (NDT). Since 1981, we’ve excelled at solving visibility and accessibility challenges for manufacturers and environmental industries.

  • ISO 90001:2015
  • Sony-authorized system integrator
  • Creators of the iShot® imaging brand
From off-the-shelf products, to custom-engineered solutions, InterTest has the physical infrastructure, expert knowledge, and innovative technology to become your trusted visual solutions partner. 

Top 6 Ways the WeldWatch® HD Video Camera System Enhances Welding Instruction

Discover the top six ways you can enhance the welding education experience at your school or facility with the WeldWatch® HD Video Camera System....

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Minimizing Facility Down Time: A FOSAR Pro's Perspective

Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) is critical to the power-gen industry for retrieving objects in hard-to-reach areas that interfere with critical, daily operations. Seasoned pro, Edward J. ...

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Taking Inspection Safety To New Heights

We designed the iShot® XtendaCam® many years ago and it has only scratched the surface of its application usefulness. If you have a need to inspect or view something in high detail that is out of re...

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P-UV Inspects with Ultraviolet Fluorescent Reactants

When it comes to inspecting minute cracks and flaws in hard-to-reach industrial components, our eyes alone cannot get the job done. Relying on innovative and powerful camera tools augments our remote ...

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The InterTest Block Camera Integration Story

With a little engineering ingenuity and a lot of expertise, we'll help you transform your block camera into the perfect visual solution. Whatever your concept, we will help you bring it to reality!

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