InterTest expands customer support and presence in the southeastern United States with Sales Engineer Steven Knabe
We are excited to announce that Steven Knabe has joined the InterTest Team as the new Sales Engineer for the South Eastern region.
Steven joins us with eight years of experience developing optical coatings and product development. His technical expertise and innovative approach make him a valuable addition to our team as we expand our reach and provide exceptional service to our clients.
Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Steven will work remotely to support our customers across the South Eastern region. His exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to find unique solutions will be instrumental in addressing the specific needs of our clients and offering tailored solutions. Steven's innovative approach ensures our customers receive customized, effective outcomes for their diverse requirements.
Steven is excited to bring his skills and experience to InterTest, where he aims to drive sales growth and foster strong customer relationships. He is dedicated to delivering top-notch support and service, ensuring our customers receive the best possible outcomes from our products.
Please join us in welcoming Steven Knabe to the InterTest family. We look forward to his undoubtedly positive impact on our company and customers. If you're in the South Eastern region, don't hesitate to contact Steven for your RVI support needs.