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Cavitar Welding Camera

Cavitar Welding Cameras see past the blinding weld arc light that's emitted from every welding process. See the torch tip, weld puddle, and base metals of GMAW (MIG, MAG), GTAW (TIG), CO2 laser, fiber laser, diode laser, Nd:YAG laser, or electron beam welding processes.

Product Details & Pricing

Cavitar Welding Camera

The bright light and energy from a live welding arc blinds most cameras. This lack of visibility makes live weld monitoring difficult, and therefore diminishes automatated welding quality assurance and weld training.

The Cavitar Welding Camera design helps you see past the blinding weld arc light and capture previously unseeable images and videos.

See and record the torch tip, base metal, and puddle in welding processes such as:

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or MIG

  • See through the smoke and spatter created by the messy GMAW process.
  • Rugged housing, air-cooling channels, and consumable spatter shields allow for close proximity position of the camera to the welding process.

Gas Tugsten Arc (GTAW)

  • See the fine details of small, precise GTAW processes in Full HD resolution (1440 x 1080 pixels @ 70 fps).
  • Reduce scrap and save - catch misaligned material in real time during automated GTAW runs.

Shielded Metal Arc Weld (SMAW)

  • Superb for weld education/training - understand welding fundamentals at their core.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce risk in weld training sessions.

Cavitar Welding Camera

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
Cavitar C400-H Welding Camera System - InterTest
Cavitar Cavitar C400-H Welding Camera System
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