Diesel Engine Inspection

Diesel engines are internal combustion engines built to convert diesel fuel into energy through high compression and ignition. Diesel engines have internal components such as valves, cylinders, and pistons that require visual inspection to ensure quality and performance. InterTest, Inc. offers borescopes and video borescopes used for visual inspection of diesel engine components.

Similar to the gasoline engine, the diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses high air compression and fuel injection to convert fuel into energy. Diesel fuel-burning requires higher air compression for ignition than gasoline, so the diesel engine must be made with more robust components to withstand its process. Common components in diesel engines include valves, cylinders, and pistons which are critical for any commercial, land, or marine diesel engine.  

These interior features require remote visual inspection to ensure their quality. Diesel engine mechanics and manufacturing quality technicians look for cracks, porosity, metal burrs, and other signs of wear. They use quality management systems that require these components to have visual documentation to identify nonconforming products and the need for servicing.  

Prior to the availability of borescopes and video borescopes, visual inspection of diesel engines could only be performed by taking apart the engine and viewing each part with a naked eye. Intertest Inc. borescope products allow a technician to make quality assessments and documentation without time-consuming engine dismantling.