Zibra MilliWand HDF Semi-Rigid Borescope System

SKU: EM18665

• Quick-Change Operation
• Replaceable Borescope Tips
• Ergonomic Handle for Precision Inspection
• Compact, versatile Operation
• 1080p HD Digital Video Output via HDMI
• Image and Video Capture on Removable Drives

Diameter: 0.5 mm
Length: 105 mm
Direction of View:
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Zibra MilliWand HDF Semi-Rigid Borescope System

The Zibra MilliWand HDF Semi-Rigid Borescope System brings small-diameter borescope images to any HDMI monitor in clear, 1080p HD video. It features an ergonomic handle that makes precision inspection more efficient and effective. The replaceable semi-rigid borescope tips come in various diameters, lengths, and directions of view, allowing for more robust options. On-board image recording enables the inspector to capture video and images onto removable memory drives. Included are USB inputs for keyboards for text generation, outputs for HDMI video, and a simple push-button menu interface.



Build an entire system or pick out individual components to add to your current system:

EM15098 - Milliscope HD Zoom Borescope Handle
   EM15097 - Milliscope HD Base Unit

EM17680 - Milliscope HD Integrated Battery Powered System with Monitor



Optical Zoom



Adjustable white LED


Adjustable 9-step exposure


Push-button image & video capture

Direction of View

0º - 90º

Compatible Scope Diameters

0.5 mm - 1 mm (call for diameters not listed)

Compatible Scope Lengths

105 mm - 150 mm  (call for lengths not listed)

Set Focus 




Zibra Milliscope HD Manual

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