Milliscope HD Zoom Borescope Handle

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• Compatible with all Zibra HDF borescope tips
• Quick-change mechanism
• 3x optical zoom control
• 9-step exposure control
• Buttons for image and video recording



Zibra Milliscope HD Zoom Borescope Handle

The Milliscope HD Zoom Borescope Handle is the hand-held controller that accepts all Zibra Milliscope HDF semi-rigid and Milliscope HDF flexible probes. The scope tips are easily changeable, providing the inspector versatility for every precision part inspection  Features include integrated 3x optical zoom, adjustable LED illumination, and push-button image & video recording capability. 


Need a base unit? Compatible with:

EM15097 - Milliscope HD Base Unit
EM17680 - Milliscope HD Integrated Battery Powered System with Monitor


Do you need a Milliscope HDF borescope tip or a complete system? Build your own or add:

Milliscope HDF Semi-Rigid Probes & Systems
Milliscope HDF Flexible Borescope System



Optical Zoom 3x
Illumination Adjustable white LED
Exposure Adjustable 9-step exposure
Recording Push-button image & video capture 
Compatible Scope Diameters 0.35 mm - 3.1 mm ∅ (call for diameters not listed)
Compatible Scope Lengths 61 mm - 10,000 mm+ (call for lengths not listed)



Zibra Milliscope HD Manual

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