Wöhler Inspection Cameras

The Wöhler brand includes video inspection camera kits and accessories for indoor and outdoor duct and pipe inspection applications. With IP67 and IP68-rated pan/tilt/zoom camera heads, Wöhler products locate and record problematic blockage or pipe/duct wall defects. InterTest, Inc. is an official Wöhler USA North America distributor and consultant that provides customers with the best Wöhler visual solution.

Wohler Inspection Camera IP67/68 and Digital Meter Measure- InterTest

IP67/68 Rating and Digital Distance Meter

  • Durable IP67/68-rated camera heads for demanding environments
  • A digital distance meter helps to determine how far away the push rod has traveled and locate the camera head

Touch Screen and SD Card Storage

  • The LCD touch-screen design provides simplified controls for straightforward operation and high resolution
  • The removable SD card provides simple data transfer capabilities and can record and store hours of video

Wohler Inspection Camera Touchscreen and SD Card- InterTest
Wohler wireless transmission and battery functionality- InterTest

Wireless Transmitter and Rechargable Battery

  • The Wohler VIS Video Inspection Camera Heads transmit a radio signal that can be used to locate the precise location of the camera head
  • The rechargeable battery makes these systems portable and provides up to 6 hours of running operation time

Pan and Tilt Features with LED Illumination

  • The 360° pan and 180° tilt camera head ensure the inspector can see in all directions
  • The LED illumination provides bright light to ensure visibility in dark and wet environments

Wohler Industrial Inspection Camera Pan and Tilt functionality with LEDS- InterTest