iGrab Manual FOD Retrieval Tools- InterTest
iGrab Manual FOD Retrieval Tools- InterTest

iGrab™ Manual Retrieval Tools

The iGrab™ Manual Retrieval Tools are critical in Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR), Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal, and Foreign Materials Exclusion (FME) operations in the power generation service industry. Manual Retrieval Tools include manual tools from 4 mm to 10 mm diameters and a variety of jaw types for robust retrieval of FOD.

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iGrab™ Manual Retrieval Tools

InterTest, Inc.'s retrieval tool brand iGrab™ includes tools that make solving difficult FOSAR, FME, and FOD scenarios efficient, expense-saving, and safe.

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Foreign object debris (FOD) proves to be problematic to the overall well-being and longevity of mechanical systems like power generation reactors. FOD found in hard-to-reach places require operators to perform FOD removal operations.

The iGrab™ Manual Retrieval Tools are ideal solutions for critical FOD removal operations. These manually controlled tools are simple to operate, robust enough to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, yet flexible enough to bend through narrow passages to reach target areas.

iGrab™ Manual Retrieval Tools include tools from 4 mm to 10 mm in diameter. Larger than the iGrab™ Micro Retrieval Tools, these tools have a stronger closing force for larger FOD removal.

There is a wide variety of jaw types for almost any type of FOD. Using the appropriate jaw-type is crucial to the success of FOD removal operations.

Below are descriptions and video to help select the best tool for your specific application.

Fork and Tine Plier Retrieval Tool Graphic

Fork & Tine

Pliers to grip thin debris

3 Prong retrieval tool graphic

3-Prong Gripper

3 hooked prongs

Snare Retrieval Tool Graphic


Looped closing wire

Sampling Cup Jaw Retrieval Tool Graphic

Sampling Cup

Cup for small pieces

Gripping Plier retrieval tool graphic

Gripping Plier

Grips small, flat debris

Magnet retrieval tool graphic


Retrieve magnitized particles

Viper Jaw Retrieval Tool Graphic


Pliers with sharp teeth

Manual Retrieval Tools

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