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Yateks P Plus Series boerscope featuring direct side or dual view

Direction of View (DOV)

  • Direct View, 0º DOV, to inspect directly down bores, cavities, and passages
  • Side View, 90º DOV, to inspect component side walls and orbital welds
  • Dual View, 0º and 90º DOV, to switch between views for easy passage navigation followed by side wall inspection

LED Variations

  • UV LEDs are ideal for fluorescent penetrant inspections (FPI)
  • High-intensity white light LED illumination for larger bores/cavities that require more light
  • Temperature sensors for high heat inspections
Yateks P plus borescope features Ultraviolet illumination or temperature sensing
Yateks P plus borescope features HD resolution far focus or interchangable tips

Special Feature Variations

  • High resolution at low diameters
  • Far focus ranges for longer and larger bores and passages
  • Quick-change direction of view with interchangeable DOV tips
  • Unique, ergonomic scope configurations


Yateks P+ Series Industrial Video Borescopes

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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products