Medical Component Inspection

Medical component manufacturing is a sector of the more prominent medical and biotech industries. Medical components such as implants, pacemakers, catheters, hip and knee replacement parts, and diagnostic instruments are vital in modern medicine and the quality of human life. InterTest, Inc. offers a selection of video and small-diameter borescopes to evaluate manufactured components made for the medical and biotech industries.

Medical component manufacturing is a vital sector of the medical and biotech industries. Manufacturers of medical components and devices design and produce many intricate medical parts using complex methods. These resulting components are inspected at numerous points during production, from pre-mold to final inspection.  

Quality control inspectors of medical manufacturers must check these components for debris, faulty micro-welds, delamination, and porosity. Their jobs are to ensure medical component quality and effectiveness both inside and out of living biological tissue. Defects found by quality inspectors likely will affect these critical components’ life span, and more importantly, the lives of the people who use them.  

InterTest, Inc. provides an array of inspection solutions for the medical component manufacturing sector. Standard micro, video and specialty borescopes will find the minor details and imperfections in medical components.